Skirting Board

T-Back Flooring has been serving its services over years and famed its name in its reliable services. Skirting board is one of its eminent and unparalleled  services which is especially required in home decoration.

A luxurious and well furnished home has become the dream of everyone. T-Back Flooring helps you in accomplishing your dream to raise your living standard in the modern age. We offer the skirting board service to give an appropriate finishing to your wall. Skirting boards are the narrow wooden planks covering along the base of the interior wall. It gives the clean ending to the wall and covers the junction of floor and wall, as applied to the lower part of the wall. It also helps in hiding the joint between the wall surface and the floor.

T-Back Flooring presents a various range, consisting different patterns and colors of skirting board. A simple plank of wood was used to apply as skirting board in the old days, but now with the advancement of the age, a trendy and stylish skirting board, having different patterns in it has been introduced. We offer all kinds of skirting boards from modern to antique, according to the taste of our client.

Our team suggests you the best. We have a variety of skirting boards such as plastic skirting board to wooden and Vinyl skirting board. Vinyl skirting board remains stable for years and is hard to remove or replaced, as glued with adhesive. On the other hand, we also provide different types of wooden skirting boards, including untreated, and lacquered. We provide both hardwood and softwood according to the choice of our customers.



Moreover, Our experts come to your doorstep to screw the skirting board onto your wall. The soft sheets are also available served now a days as skirting boards, which is more flexible. Our team installs the skirting board glued to the wall perfectly and without any damage to the wall. We utilizes the best sheets and wooden skirting boards of machine-cut to give the clear finishing touch to your wall. And except increasing the beauty of the room, it is also easy to clean the skirting wall by simply using a broom or lukewarm water.


However, T-Back Flooring offers skirting board in its reasonable prices to make easy to avail it. Call us instantly if you want the refinement and a complete variety of skirting boards as incomparable on the market. We think about the comfort of our clients and offer the lowest rates to get the best quality work regarding skirting baseboard. We also cover even the all distant areas to let you avail our all services. 

Ring us and avail the best service of skirting board.