Self levelling compound

T-Back Flooring provides the service of self levelling compound to smooth the uneven and concrete floor. It fills the depth of the floor by using chemical mixture to balance its surface.

It is mandatory to have an even-surfaced floor especially before installing any kind of flooring, whether you are planing to place ceramic tiles or to install wooden flooring. To protect your flooring or tiles from breakage, self levelling compound is helpful as we know that uneven surface causes tiles to crack.

T-Back Flooring gives its best service of self levelling compound to it customers as we use the modern equipment and machinery to level the surface. It gives the 100% result to its satisfactory. Firstly, we remove all the dirt and garbage from the soil to apply the next level. Then the holes underfloor and empty spaces are filled with thickness. A thick layer up to 3” is used to apply on the surface of the floor. Our workers only rely on the modern machinery and technical ways to handle the highest result.


Furthermore, either you are seeking for levelling the interior floor of your house or to maintain the lawn of your house. Then you are on the right place. T-Back Flooring offers both indoor and outdoor service regarding self levelling compound.It is especially essential in the areas along loaded with heavy loads and traffic. By adding the best feature, we also provide self levelling compound for commercial sites. Our company lets you avail domestic to commercial levelling compound service and best to all, it is all you can get without disturbing your budget. Our customers are more satisfied to get the high quality work with economical expenses.

Furthermore, T-Back Flooring is the most leading company, for using the authentic, and original material for self levelling compound.Besides, we have a full length variety of self levelling from lightweight to deep pour.

If you are looking for quality self levelling solutions, we are grateful to help you out. You can also get reliable advice by our experts to make your decision worthy.

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