Coir Matting

T-Back Flooring has overcome successfully a number of years in serving our customers regarding flooring their houses including commercial to domestic residence. Coir matting is one of our fine feature that we facilitate to our clients with.

T-Back Flooring offers ‘Coir Matting’ for your indoor/outdoor which resists dirt, moisture, and other particles from shoe sole. We are best known for using natural fiber in coir mats, which is made of thick fibers extracted from the husk of coconut.

Coir mats are one of the durable door mats which are usually used for entrance for their durability. We have a wide collection coir matting with different colors, designs and patterns.

Moreover, all sizes and thickness of coir mats up to your choice are available and we offer cut-to-length on placing your order.Usually, coco fibers are woven in home entrance instead of being embedded in a vinyl backing. 


Why Coir Matting is useful ?

  • Coir matting is durable and reliable
  • It longs last for many years
  • Coir mats help in preventing dirt, moisture and garbage from shoe sole
  • Coir matting also enhances the beauty of your home interior
  • It is used for domestic to commercial area
  • Embellish your entrance with coir matting

T.Back Flooring is the one manufacturer and supplier in using natural and original fiber for coir matting. We welcome you to our showroom to get your own choice by showing you all range and variety in coir matting as we prefer your comfort first. Our experts also assist you in selection up to the mark. Contact us to get the full information to your satisfaction. We are available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Contact us unhesitatingly for any query.