Artificial Grass

T-Back Flooring is an established and leading company in the United Kingdom covering all the areas. Our professionals are best known for perfectly installing the layer of artificial grass to enhance the beauty of your lawn. Among our topmost services, the service of ‘artificial grass’ stands for its authenticity and stability.

We provide the artificial turf which looks alike original natural grass, incomparable in its quality. Our artificial grass corresponds the natural grass in pattern, color, design which seems unbeatable to recognize the difference between them. Other than, T-Back Flooring uses the reliable material which lasts up to 20 years as fake grass won’t fade or flatten. We apply the synthesis fibers to make the turf look like natural grass.

Have you got bored with the same old lawn of your house?

No need to get worried now… We provide you the modern and antique styles of lawn flourished by artificial grass.We facilitates this offer from domestic to commercial, whether it’s your house or office,looks matter.Further, whether you want to decor your wall or lawn with artificial turf, our team assists you best according to trendy styles. No doubt nature soothes the tired eyes and adds beauty in the environment. But if you don’t have enough space to grow the natural grass in your lawn, or you don’t have enough time in the hustle bustle of life to maintain the natural grass on daily basis, our experts are here to advice you best.


T-Back flooring makes your dream come true if you are a nature lover or want a classy living standard by decorating your house with trendy looks. Our company has all the variety up to your desire and taste. We provide the artificial grass to fit in your lawn and above all artificial grass demands less time to be looked after. You will have to spray down the water only once a week to maintain its freshness and durability.

Under the supervision of our professionals, our team members apply the artificial grass onto the desired area to its best fitting.

Firstly, existing turf will be removed to make the surface flat and then after the proper observation and measurement of the specific spot, we will apply the artificial grass to its depth, adhesive used to secure artificial turf.


Foremost, T-Back Flooring is popular and known for using modern equipment and tools to lay the artificial grass for its long lasting maintenance. Our team utilizes the best quality turf cutter, spade etc in installing the artificial grass to prevent it from any kind of obstruction.

Above all, T-Back flooring team is the most co-operative in suggesting our clients the most beneficial advice regarding their decorating ideas. Modern living styles has become everyone’s dream and we respect in fulfilling your desire. We provide all modern and antiques designs to ornate your place by giving different ideas. Our team is 24/7 available to help you out. We suggest the artificial grass as it expands the beauty and it is more convenient having features of natural grass. It doesn’t take your time for its maintenance on daily basis out of your busy routine life. It is also attractive,versatile and odor free .

Prior to all, T-Back flooring offers you best quality work in cheap prices. We believe in taking less and giving more as our prior duty is care your desires. We offer the artificial grass in the most economical and reasonable prices within your reach.

Contact us freely and make your dream come true of a well furnished house.