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T-Back flooring is an independent supplier and fitter of traditional, and innovative, flooring products to both domestic and commercial customers. Where’s the name “T-Back” came from? Tariq is Back. What happened was, I had a nasty accident and broke my right arm in two places. At that point, I thought, it was end of the road for my business. With no choice, but had to stop operating my business. It took me a while, to get my strengths back. While recovering from my injuries, I studied to design websites, not because, I wanted to pursue my career in IT, but just because I wanted to have my own website to present my services. I designed a simple website, and started to market flooring products, so it took off. The next step was to learn to fit carpets and other flooring products in order to take control of my business. So, I did. And I think, this is something I am really proud of, is the fact I have under-taken training courses from very reputable organisations such as Floortrain, Altro Safety training, Amtico, Quickstep to fit wood flooring, and Ceramic Tiles training company. I also took part in a floor preparation event by the leading supplier of levelling products, which has helped me understand the importance of using the right products to prepare sub-floor before installing particular floorcovering products. Learning the above skills, boosted my confidence, and of course, helped me getting repeat business, business from recommendations and new business on regular basis, enabling me to look for suitable premises to offer our services to wider audience. So, I found this shop and decided to make noise, Tariq is Back, and sometime, I tell people, Tariq is back to show how it’s done. How are wedifferent ? Over 10 years of experience in the flooring industry, has given me an in depth product knowledge, helped me source the product from around the globe, and offer our customers excellent prices and service that’s second to none. T-Back Flooring has achieved success with its domestic and commercial customers by fulfilling their requirements. This is why, I am very pleased to say,in short, check us out, see us working, speak to our customers and compare our prices. Trust me, you will find us the kind of supplier you’ve been looking for. .

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