Contract Flooring for Commercial Applications

T-Back Flooring provides a full range of flooring supply and fitting services to commercial customers, using contract flooring products to deliver cost effective solutions.

For further information please contact us, or call in our showroom for a preliminary discussion about your requirements.

Sub-Floor Preparation

T-Back Flooring providesa sub-floor preparation service where this is required, using a suitable self-levelling compound to provide a smooth surface on an un-even, or broken,floor.

It is important to have an even-surfaced floor especially before installing certain kinds of flooring, and we can provide advice on what is required, and undertake the work, which, depending on the surface, only takes a relatively short-time to complete, with a drying time of a few hours before the new flooring can be fitted. 

Firstly all dirt is cleared from the surface, and any large gaps or holes made good.One, or occasionally more, layers of self-levelling compound are then applied. Our floor-layers only use the latest products and methods to ensure complete satisfaction.

For larger scale jobs, usually in the commercial area, machinery may also be used to facilitate the process.


T-Back Flooring can supply, and apply, the full range of self levelling compounds to suit every situation from lightweight to deep pour.

If you are looking for quality floor preparation solutions, we are here to help and give advice, just contact us for further information.

Uplifting and Disposal of Flooring

We provide a service for the uplifting of current flooring where this is required, and, we will also dispose of any such flooring. This will be discussed with you when seeking a quotation for flooring.

All disposal takes place in accordance with waste disposal  regulations, and we are registered under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.